One of our most often asked questions.... How do I wash and care for my Mattes Lambskin product?

In simple, the quick answers is:

(Detailed washing and care instructions with product information are attached to every single product!- Please read and take note of the care booklet attached)


Wash at a maximum 30' Celsius, we personally recommend a cold wash. Wash with a special leather washing agent to re-grease both the skin and wool, such as MELP. Dry away from heat. Tumble dry on a cool cycle setting- this will make your sheepskin fluff up like new or allow to dry in an airy, dry and shady place.

Ensure all velcro is stuck together and remove all POLY-FLEX, Plastic Shim's, Correction System and Saddle Fix prior to washing.

**EARS - please note ear bonnets must be hand washed in lukewarm water.

**Do Not use bleach, fabric softeners or harsh detergents.

**Do Not leave wet in the washing machine as this can cause bleeding from some coloured* cords/Lambskin onto quilt.


Here is what Mattes say in detail:

MATTES-Lambskin products must be washed rather more than less! It just depends on the correct way to wash!
Wash maximum 30° Celsius in the washing machine, if possible with added water. For drying we recommend tumble drying at 30° Celsius or just cold setting. This way the wool really opens up and keeps its resilience! Never dry in the sun or any other heat source. Important: Pull product into its original shape repeatedly during drying! Lambskin must have time to dry completely after every ride, or washed immediately, if the skin has been soaked through to the leather. A great advantage of lambskin and important for its performance is its ability to absorb 8 times its weight in moisture, but it dries rather slowly! For intensive riding, we suggest the use of several pads or girth covers to alternate usage and then wash weekly. In case of infrequent riding, or in case of a pause in usage, it’s best to wash the product, dry thoroughly and store in a dry place.
Sweat accumulated in the wool and leather can actually destroy the leather, since lambskin, as explained earlier, can absorb plenty of moisture, but dries rather slowly! The composition of the sweat can vary from horse to horse. Ammonia contained in the sweat can actually break down the leather substance! This is strongly intensified when the wool and leather are constantly damp! This is a relatively slow process and the damage is apparent only after some time. Wool breaking off with the grain, cracking of the leather up to complete disintegration of the leather! Especially when washing after long use without washing


Mattes suggest washing the product (very important with girth covers) right after use, when it’s still damp! The lamb wool should never stick together, otherwise the product loses most of its properties! Foremost the ability to distribute pressure! Lambskin should not be brushed when still damp. And when dry, just with a soft brush, to remove the dirt from the tips! Otherwise it’s possible, that wool could be pulled out. Again, rather washing than brushing! We recommend using a SPECIAL LEATHER - washing agent, than a wool wash! Best is our MELP. It has all the properties required for a perfect leather- and skin- washing agent! MELP contains re-greasing components, which are very important to keep the leather supple and the wool elastic and resilient. We produce MELP ourselves. We use the same ingredients in processing of our lambskins

Conclusion: With the correct care you can enjoy the MATTES-Lambskin products for a long time!

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