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If you are looking for the ultimate in safety, combined with the best comfort and of course unparalleled style, KASK has you covered on all fronts.

What makes KASK the ultimate in safety? Here are 3 quick key points:

  • 1) KASK helmets are 100% hand made in the KASK factory in Italy under rigorous control standards. Every helmet undergoes a rigid quality control process before leaving the factory.
  • 2) KASK helmets ABS outer shell has a greater mechanical resistance and strength than any other product on the market. KASK is the only company to use this material for the outer shell.
  • 3) KASK helmets have a triple density EPS inner shell to ensure total shock protection, comfort and lightness. KASK carried out multiple studies to determine the most frequent impact zones from riders falling and created different areas of densities in their helmets to greater protect the rider.



A little bit more about what makes KASK the industry leader ...

KASK is an Italian helmet manufacturer, specialised in developing, designing and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality.  
KASK was established  in 2004 as a Research & Design company. Even though still relatively young, it has gone through a tremendous evolution in short time.
Along the way it has been marked by success thanks to a very talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italian’s market-leading factories.  
More and more companies are choosing KASK, whose helmets are at the forefront of the cycling, ski, mountaineering, equestrian, work safety and search and rescue industries.
KASK’s mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in its products.
KASK is constantly researching and looking for ways to go beyond and improve the quality of KASK helmets even further. Now among the top brands in the sports and outdoors, KASK is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production in order to ensure the highest quality and offer the best protective helmets for the most demanding customers.
Beyond the sheer quality of the materials and the unique elegance of KASK design, KASK safety helmets for outdoor sports grant athletes the priceless freedom in knowing that they are protected. KASK’s perfectly ergonomic helmets, produced entirely in Italy, were developed to fit the needs of world’s top athletes, and therefore they ensure the wearer unparalleled comfort even in the most rigorous circumstances.

KASK helmets owe their unique qualities to the genius of the integrated structure system developed by KASK team, which combines the greatest level of protection with the lightest possible mass of the helmet to ensure comfort and safety for the wearer.

KASK quality is a guarantee as a result of many carefully monitored safety tests and innovative technologies used in the designing of the helmets.
All KASK products are 100% made in Italy, assembled by professional technicians and passed through the most rigorous safety and quality tests of the KASK’s distinctive CSD Project – ComfortSafetyDesign. All KASK’s exclusive designs and product features implemented in the helmet collections are absolutely innovative, proprietary and protected by numerous patents. KASK does not compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Every KASK product you purchase will ensure your satisfaction and safety.



A little bit more about the Dogma Equestrian helmets...

The moulded outer shell, in ABS, is very resistant and light. It’s covered with a special textile material which is waterproof, scratch resistant and washable.
Additionally, the soft eco-leather chinstrap is hypoallergenic, washable, and helps to avoid irritations of the skin. It adds a touch of style to the Dogma equestrian models, which will be much appreciated by the most demanding riders for its fit and design.
The comfortable and breathable inner padding is made of 100% Merino Wool: a natural antibacterial fibre that provides unique levels of breath-ability and thermo regulation.
The inner shell is made with expanded polystyrene and features three levels of densities in order to ensure total shock protection, comfort and lightness.
With two honeycomb-like aeration grids built in the polystyrene, a smart ventilation system in the helmet provides high volumes of cooling airflow, adding extra comfort to the rider.
KASK is well aware that the helmet has to fit correctly to the rider’s head so that the best safety level is guaranteed. This is the reason for which KASK helmets are provided with KASK’s patented self-adapting adjusting system in a carbon look. Introduced for the first time in the equestrian market, the FIT System allows the helmet to perfectly and automatically fit on the rider’s head by gently cradling the back of the head.
Available in different colours and models to suit the taste of every rider. This collection truly unique in its own kind.


Looking after your KASK helmet...

Care and Maintenance
Proper care and maintenance of KASK helmets are very important in providing the intended protection to riders.

When not in use, it is preferable to store the helmet protected from direct sunlight and away from heat sources; we recommend storing the helmet in its original packaging. Do not apply adhesives, solvents, self-adhesive labels, and paints that do not comply with the manufacturer's specifications. Any intervention or modification not provided may affect the protective function of the helmet.

Outer shell
 Clean the helmet using only water, mild soap and a soft, clean cloth, and let it air dry at room temperature. The inner padding can be removed and washed by hand in cold water or in a washing machine (max. 30 C°). 

Inner Shell The internal padding can easily be removed in order to wash it. Hand and machine washable at 30 ° C. Never use chemical cleaning products or solvents. Any contact with corrosive or aggressive substance should be avoided. Use solvents can alter the features of the helmet and compromise its quality.

The information contained on the inside of the helmet, printed on the label under the padding, should not be removed for any reason. The size of the helmet, in cm, is specified on the label sewn onto the inner padding.

Life Time
The useful life of the helmet depends on the occurrence of different degenerative factors, including changes in temperature, exposure to direct sunlight, and frequency of use. The helmet must be checked periodically, and in any case before each use, to detect the presence of damage such as cracks, detachment, deformation or peeling revealing deterioration of the helmet. Elements that have suffered an impact of substantial magnitude must be replaced even if they do not display obvious signs of damage. In any case, it is advisable to replace the helmet 10 years after the production date, because protection decreases with time due to the ageing of materials. The production date is reported on the inside of the helmet.

Helmet Replacement
KASK strictly recommends to change the helmet in case of impact. It is therefore important that replacement of the helmet is required if it has been subjected to a severe impact regardless of the service life and whether there is any physical damage to the helmet or not, since the design strength and effectiveness have been greatly reduced. 

For any other information about how to properly maintain and use KASK helmets, please refer to the use and care booklet.


What are you putting on your head?

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