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Not just increasing cellular function and health on the legs where your boots are placed...Equessential Therapeutic Magnetic Boots are equipped with sophisticated magnetic devices which provide a healthier overall cellular function, providing a natural therapeutic support system not only through the hoof, shin and knee, but by reflexology points being targeted, cellular function is increased throughout the whole body.

They are designed to provide superior support to the suspensory ligaments and tendon apparatus and during transportation of the horse to increase blood and cellular flow leading to an increase in well being and a decrease in post-work or post-travel swelling and discomfort.

Equessential Magnetic Therapeutic Boots are 100% Australian made, from a tough rip-stop nylon outer and lined with 100% Australian pure wool fleece which allows the leg to 'breath' keeping the skin dry and healthy. Wide elastic straps are carefully positioned to optimise tendon support and ensure comfort and fit.

The permanent rare earth magnets are composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with a Nickel coating, never needing to be re-charged, will not rust and are capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 3,000 Gauss each. The strongest therapeutic magnets available.


Stock Notice: Although we carry a vast range of products in stock, should your selected item/size/colour be unavailable, please allow approx. 2-3 weeks lead time.

The specific arrangement of magnets has been researched to coincide with major reflexology points, their flux, density, intensity and polarisation has been studied with the help of veterinarians, natural therapists and professional riders to maximise the localised increase in vascular flood-flow and lymphatic circulation, promoting multiple beneficial effects.


Using reflexology principles, magnet placement has been carefully established to stimulate the reflex points. Each magnet is placed over specific meridians of health for the horse, the same points which are used for acupuncture. By targeting these reflex points certain re-balancing effects can be observed. Specific reflex points are located on front and hind, and right and left legs which is why Equessential Magnetic Therapeutic Boots are specific to each leg.


Magnet placement and targeted reflex points in the Front Boots may assist in the following ways

* reduced inflammatory processes and reduced traumas or muscle spasms through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* alleviation of sore, inflamed and overworked muscles through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* increased blood circulation and flushing of lactic acid build up through the front legs, neck and shoulders

* stimulation of the front fetlock joint and hoof

* Assists with the formation of healthy synovial fluid which allows for increased mobility and performance of joints.


Magnet placement and targeted reflex points in the Hind Boots may assist in the following ways

* reduced inflammatory process and reduced traumas or muscles spasms through the hind legs, hocks and rump

* alleviation of sore, inflamed and overworked muscles through the hind legs, hocks and rump

* acts on the hind fetlock joint and hoof, the side muscles and on croup-high muscles

* Assists with the formation of healthy synovial fluid which allows for increased mobility and performance of joints


By fitting a full set of Equessential Magnetic Therapy Boots (Front and Hind), you effectively are covering your horses well being from front to back hooves, and all areas in-between. The magnetic flux when all four boots are fitted with actually pull right through the horses back and belly, increasing the benefits of magnetic therapy throughout the entire horse.


Unlike anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical treatments which are often designed to slow down of mask painful joint and muscular conditions, magnetic therapy acts to enhance the regenerative process and increase vascular blood and lymphatic circulation....treating and healing the condition, enhancing the regenerative process.

Benefits may include -

* an analgesic or pain relieving effect

* an anti-inflammatory effect

* an increase in micro-circulation through tendons, muscles, bones and cartilage

* an acceleration of lactic acid absorbtion

* an acceleration of toxin elimination

* an increase in healing, health and formation of bone

* an acceleration of the cellular repair processes


Inflammation in any area of the body reduces blood circulation and therefore cellular oxygenation and function. This process effects the entire body and its ability to perform at optimum levels. The Equessential Magnetic Therapy Boots are designed to address this problem in a number of different ways.

* Increase blood circulation and oxygenation, whilst reducing acidosis or lactic acid build and restore bone remineralisation

* Restore a healthy PH level to the body and reduce inflammation


* Decrease blood pressure, creating a calming effect


General consensus in veterinary medicine shows the optimum application time for magnetic therapy which uses these rare earth therapeutic magnets is 10-12 hours.

Accustom the horse with gradual usage sessions, as it may initially feel a sense of tingling due to the increased localised blood-flow. Start with increments of 2-4 hours for the first few days, build to 6-8 over the next few days and then onto the full length of 10-12 hours. Just as though you feel a lactic build up after a massage, the horse will feel the effects of the lactic flush through effected areas.

Wear only at rest, when the horse is cold. Do not exercise your horse with your Equessential Magnetic Boots on!

Careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the treated area doesn’t become too hot by regularly checking underneath the boots, overnight treatment is ideal. Equessential advises the client always seek veterinary advice before applying any magnetic therapy product.


Magnetic therapy is an ideal treatment for a wide range of ailments including:

  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Shin Splints or Bone Spurs
  • Inflammed or Injured Tendons, Ligaments and Muscles
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis or Ringbone
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Laminitis
  • Navicular Syndrome

Magnetic Therapy is also extremely effective as a pre warm-up option prior to exercise, or to keep swelling of the legs to a minimum during transportation of your horse.


DO NOT use in combination with liniments. heat creating creams or blood thinners!

DO NOT use if there is any sign of hemorrhaging, hematoma or open wounds!

DO NOT use when there is active or untreated infection the magnetic effect may contribute to the area affected!

DO NOT use during pregnancy (You or your horse)!

DO NOT use in the presence of a pacemaker!

DO NOT use during the acute stage of injury (first 5 days)!

DO NOT use whilst during riding!

Usage & Care Instructions

  • Gentle hand wash in warm water, do not use hot water or put in the washing machine. Hook attachments, elastic and machine agitators do not mix.
  • Dry in a shady area.


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