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What are FLAIR nasal strips?
FLAIR nasal strips are a self-adhesive strip that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes. FLAIR nasal strips support the nasal passages during exercise, reducing airway resistance and improving the horses airflow when it needs oxygen most. By reducing airway resistance during physical exertion, FLAIR nasal strips help promote peak performance, help prevent injury to the lungs and help prevent fatigue related injuries.

Why do FLAIR nasal strips work?
Unlike humans, horses only breathe through their noses. As a result, all horses experience some level of nasal tissue collapse during physical exercise. This partial collapse reduces the size of the airway, forcing the horse to work harder to breathe. Clinical studies, conducted in private and university settings, found that FLAIR nasal strips support the nasal passages to reduce collapse. By reducing nasal passage collapse, your horse gets the oxygen he needs while expending less energy.

University and Clinical Studies* Show that FLAIR nasal strips:
Reduce Airway Resistance
FLAIR nasal strips support the nasal passages and significantly reduce inspiratory airway resistance and peak tracheal inspiratory pressure. This helps your horse breathe easier.
Reduce fatigue
Riders can be injured when horses experience orthopedic breakdown. Exertional fatigue contributes to breakdowns including fractures, bowed tendons, and suspensory injuries. FLAIR nasal strips increase the time to fatigue.
Reduce Lung Stress and Bleeding
All horses experience exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) -- bleeding in the lungs -- during stressful exercise, though it is rarely visible externally. Repeated episodes of EIPH can lead to permanent lung damage, scarring and inflammation. FLAIR nasal strips significantly reduce EIPH during heavy exercise.
*Click here to read Clinical Studies


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