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For horses with good conformation. The elbow section is cut back to allow extra room for the elbow movement. Length is always specified from buckle end to buckle-end.

SLIM-LINE The new MATTES girth generation.
We have extended our girth range by the new SLIM-LINE. The functional principle has not changed actually improved. Advantages of the SLIM-LINE girths: 
• Detachable lambskin cover 
• Flatter and slimmer, therefore more elegant plus added elbow space 
• Simple removal of the plastic insert and quick installation after washing 
• Visible surfaces in leather, available in black, brown and champagne coloured leather.
For horses with good conformation. The elbow section is cut back to allow extra room for the elbow movement. Length is always specified from buckle end to buckle-end. 

Many horses are very sensitive in the sternum area, resulting very often, in problems when saddling as well while riding. We have realised, during our long term studies, that many girths are not really functional, in some cases even with adverse effect! Many girths look correctly designed but are in effect outright wrong. Others are obviously faulty in design. One of the basic problems we found, was, that the pressure distribution on the sternum was ineffective. The pressure is actually only concentrated along the centre line on the sternum, sometimes only about 2 - 3 cm wide.

The MATTES®- girths are made of a system of internal straps working against a plastic centre piece, resulting in absolutely equal pressure distribution on the sternum. The textile structure allows good flexibility despite a relatively rigid construction. There is also the chafing problem in the elbow area, with barrel shaped horses, where the girth has a tendency to slip forward. Generally a contoured girth with a narrow waist in the elbow area is ideal in this case. Additional SOFT-EDGE with LAMBSKIN result in an ideal product.

Girths with detachable lambskin-cover:
• Consisting of the base girth, padded with POLY-FLEX® and spreader insert for optimal pressure distribution. 
• With separate sheepskin cover with trim around edges to avoid edge pressure and chafing. 
• Stainless spring loaded steel buckles and D-rings for draw reins. Elastic buckle straps on both ends. 
• The Base girth cannot be used without lambskin cover! 
• Girths should also be washed in the washing machine and dried in the tumble dryer. For this purpose put the base-girth into the wash bag and wash in the washing machine together with the lambkin cover outside of the wash bag. Tumble dry thereafter. Tumble dry. The temperature shall not exceed 30° Celsius. The best washing result can be achieved by using our MELP washing agent. 
• It is imperative to follow the washing and care instruction exactly 
• Length is always specified from buckle-end to buckle-end.

The wool colour can be selected from our full range of colours.


Which girth do I need for my horse?
We cannot give a detailed answer to this question, since this is influenced by many factors.
• Anatomy of the horse 
• The fit of the saddle (Basically the saddle has to fit properly) 
• Type and positioning of the girth billets To simplify matters we base our recommendations only on the anatomy of the horse.
All girths have a narrow section at the elbow movement area, the surface pressure in this area is very low because it is only slightly curved, followed by a wide centrepiece with integrated cross bands and spreader inserts for even pressure distribution on the whole contact area on the breastbone. The system applied here, with cross bands and spreader, guarantees that the wider parts of the centrepiece does not develop wrinkles and does not lose tension around the edges and therefore cause reduced pressure distribution.

Important: Correct length of the short girth. Position the buckle flap as high as possible above the elbow movement area. Fully tightened, the distance between the lower edge of the saddle flap and the buckle end should be max. 15 cm. 

Always measure on the fully girthed horse.
It is imperative to always girth evenly and symmetrically on both sides.


Stock Notice: All Mattes products are made per customer order, please allow approx 6-8 weeks manufacturing. If you require an immediate purchase please see our girths in stock.

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