Being huge safety advocates we were very pleased to read the updates to the EA Eventing rules yesterday! Of course you can rest assured that all our helmets and body protectors comply with the new updated rules and recommendations. We love our safety and take pride in bringing you the best from around the world.

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Changes to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Rules in Eventing

Helmets and Body Protectors correctly fitted and worn won’t prevent a fall but they may reduce the severity of any consequential injury.

For some time now, Eventing has had rules in place requiring that helmets used in all phases of the competition must comply with the standards laid out in Annex N of the eventing rules. Body protectors (compulsory for the XC phase) manufactured after 2009 to the EN13158:2009 standard are recommended.

Effective July 1st 2019 the following changes will take place:

Helmet Tagging

To enable officials to more easily identify those helmets complying with the standards there will be a tagging program introduced beginning July 1st 2019 where compliant helmets will be tagged by officials at events so they can be easily identified.

To make the tagging process as easy as possible for members, State Eventing Committees will ensure officials are available at as many events as practical and at other key gatherings such as squads.   

During the introductory period, July 1st 2019 to January 1st 2020, athletes wearing a helmet that complies with the standards in Annex N to the rules, but has not been tagged will be allowed to ride but will be issued an official advice to have the helmet tagged before riding at their next competition. From January 1st 2020 riders the rules will require that a helmet is both compliant to the standards and is tagged.

Should standards change and the Eventing Rules be updated, then the colour of the tags will be changed and a similar phase-in process for the new tags will be adopted.

The New Rules will be published as:

EA 538.1.1    Protective Headgear - 

538.1.1A       Helmet Tagging

538.1.1B       Helmet  Safety

Please Remember- Helmets should be correctly fitted and fastened.  Athletes are strongly encouraged to check their helmet regularly and replace it immediately after a fall in which it is impacted.

Body Protectors

The use of a body protector in the XC phase of eventing has been a requirement under the rules for some time, as has the recommended standard for these devices.

Effective July 1st 2019 the rules will be changed to read “Body protectors are compulsory for Cross-Country. A body protector manufactured after 2009 to the EN13158:2009 standard is mandatory”.

Please check your body protector now to ensure it is marked as complying to the EN13158:2009 standard.

The changed rule will be published as:

EA 538.3.1 Cross-Country Body Protector

Athletes may have their body protector checked for compliance before going XC

These changes are designed to assist in ensuring your safety.

Safety Curiosities

The intense scrutiny of results required to implement the Equiratings program has thrown up some interesting information.

For the first three months of the year:

  • Andrew Cooper has amassed staggering 13 Cross Country runs clear of jumping faults.
  • Maya Basson has finished on her dressage score(FOD) on four occasions.
  • War Hawk recorded five consecutive clear cross country runs.

The Equiratings Program is generously funded by the Terry Snow ”Making Eventing Safer Fund”


And just encase you're looking for the Helmet Annex N

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