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  • PEI Cold Water Boots

    Cold Water Boots are a brilliant and easy alternative to cold hosing your horse's legs.They are full of micro-crystals which turn into a gel when soaked in water. The gel...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Magnetic Hock Boots

    Premier Equine Magnetic Hock Boots can help alleviate stiffness and swelling in the hock area.They are constructed from breathable neoprene, which moulds to the horse's leg without impeding movement. Magnet...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Magnetic Over Reach Boots

    Magnetic Hoof Boots can be used to treat pain and inflammation in a horse's hooves and pastern area. Key features... Made from breathable neoprene which moulds to fit the horses...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Magnetic Fetlock Boots

    Magnetic Fetlock Boots have been developed to help reduce swelling and increase mobility in a horse's fetlock joints. Simple and easy to use with one wrap-around Velcro strap. Magnets are...
  • PEI 9 Pocket Ice Boots

    9 Pocket Horse Ice Boots are the ultimate in ice treatment.9 pockets sewn onto the inside of the boots can be filled with crushed ice, which will slowly permeate through...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Magnet Liners

    These magnetic boot liners can be used to help reduce swelling and pain in a horse's lower legs. Velcro strips on the rear of the liners allow them to be...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Magnet Boot Wraps

    Premier Equine Magnetic Boot Wraps can help to reduce swelling and pain in a horse's lower legs. The anatomical wrapping shape of the boot acts as a pressure bandage, further...
  • Equessential Premium Pastern/Hoof Wraps - Pair

    Coronet/Hoof Bell Boot (Pair) - comes in sizes Medium and Large Reusable Ice Boots That Really Work Freeze Equessential Ice Boots overnight and they are ready for use the next...
    From $99.00
  • PEI Bi-Polar Knee Boot

    Magnetic Horse Knee Boots can help reduce pain and inflammation in a horse's knees and can also increase mobility.Key features... Made from breathable neoprene which moulds to fit the horses...
  • Stifle Ice Bag -Pair

    A practical solution to the effective treatment and management of stifle injuries. The stifle bag features 4 pockets each side and is fully adjustable by velcro strapping to the neoprene fabric....
  • Magnetic Tendon Boots

    These hard wearing Magnetic Tendon/Shin Boots are designed for managing shin soreness, tendon injuries, sesamoid, suspensory and other ailments of the canon and tendon region.  The boots have three strategically placed...
    From $255.00
  • Red Light Therapy Premium Wrap

    SAFE - FAST - EFFECTIVEThe equine Therapy wrap is an in home therapy system for you to effectively aid your horse in both injury and performance management.The Therapy wrap is...
  • PEI Bi-Polar Poll Band Headpiece

    Magnetic Poll Bands can help to relieve tension and relax the horse's poll area. Simple and easy to attach to a head collar. Magnetic poll bands can also help reduce...
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