The equine Therapy wrap is an in home therapy system for you to effectively aid your horse in both injury and performance management.
The Therapy wrap is a flexible pad housing 120 super bright LEDS. 60 LEDS are in the red 660nm wavelength and 60 in the infared wavelength range. These wavelengths were chosen for their known therapeutic effect on tissue.


Tendon & Ligament injuries
Arthritic joints
Muscle soreness
Back pain
Wound management
Pre-performace stimulation
Post-performance recovery
How it works:

Regenerates damaged DNA
Stimulates cellular ATP production
Promotes collegen reformation
Stimulates endorphon release
Stimulates seretonin production
Increases circulation
Reduces inflammation
Proudly 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

The Premium Therapy Wrap includes:

One flexible pad 28cm X 22.5cm, housing 48 super bright red LEDS and 48 infrared LEDS.
High powered rechargeable Lithium ion battery
Battery recharger
Two short and one long attachment straps.
2 bullnose attachment clips to attach to rugs
Instruction booklet
Carry bag

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