Thinking of ordering tall boots? We want to make sure you have selected the correct size.

For ordering "off the shelf" sizes, we require two measurements listed below. It is vital that you measure wearing both your riding breeches and usual socks that you will be wearing (Yes this can make all the difference), if you can. it is always better to have someone else to measure your legs. Also take note of the time of day as your feet and legs may be fuller in the afternoon if you have been on them all day.

Measurement 1) We need the measurement of your calf at the widest point. It is common to have one leg a little larger than the other, include the largest measurement and make note of the other.

Measurement 2) Now we need the height measurement, this is done preferably sitting with a slightly bent leg. Barefoot from the floor to the crease at the back of your knee.

With these measurements we can confirm which size is most suitable as sizing does vary across brands. 

You should also note that tall boots usually drop between 1 and 2cm in height. Heel raisers are a great addition to new boots till they drop, alternatively leave the zip a little open for the first few rides just till the boots drop through the ankle.then you can continue to zip them up fully.

What if my measurements don't fit the "off the shelf" size chart?

In this instance, our premium supplier Sergio Grasso which are all hand made in Italy offer two options:

M2M- Fully customised made to measure boots. This precise system allows for the perfect made to measure boots.

Semi M2M - This option is for those who nearly fit the off the shelve chart but allows you to add or subtract 1cm from the height or calf.

Sergio Grasso M2M

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